All Cancer Survivors Ministry ( A. C. S. M.) – a ministry created to provide support, education and encouragement to all persons touched by the disease of Cancer.


Deacons Ministry  – a traditional church ministry made up of mature Christian men who are committed to the service of the congregation under the directives of the pastor.


Deaconess Ministry – a traditional church ministry made up of mature Christian women who are committed to the service of the congregation especially in areas which might be female appropriate under the directives of the pastor.


Evangelism Ministry – a ministry focused upon reaching out to evangelize lost sinners with the gospel message of Gods love and liberation.


Food Pantry/Clothes Closet – a ministry created to help the less fortunate in difficult times through the free but regulated distribution of food and clothing items.


Funeral Benevolence – a ministry of committed Christians who help families through the experience of the loss of a loved one by death, preparing and serving meals, especially after the funeral service, if requested by the family.


General Services Auxiliary (GSA) – a ministry of three groups; ushers, hospitality members, and healthcare servants who work to support the “orderliness” of the worship experience, warmly welcome visitors and new members to the fellowship, as well as to respond to the manifestation of health incidents as such may arise.


In-Reach Committee – a ministry of the church striving to communicate the genuine care of the church fellowship to each member through calls, cards, and letters.


Legal Ministry – a ministry of Christian persons of the church in the legal field who seek to educate and enable persons through legal workshops, seminars and programs.


Marriage Ministry – a ministry seeking to strengthen and support couples toward successful marriage relationships based upon biblical principles.


Media Ministry – a ministry created to support the technical aspects of the worship service through sound amplification, video presentations, and the recording of worship experiences and programs for safekeeping and subsequent distribution.


Men’s Ministry – a ministry which works to recruit men for Christian conversion, and personal spiritual growth and to active involvement in the total program of the church.


Ministers & Minister’s Wives – a ministry group made up of membership ministers and their wives for the purpose of support, fellowship, and opportunities of service and spiritual growth.


Ministry of Presence – a ministry made up of Christian persons who offer, through their empathetic presence, support, enablement and encouragement to persons who have experienced a loss of such nature that it causes a serious grieving of the loss.


Mission Ministries – is made up of traditional ministry groups of Christian women who are grouped with their peers for purpose of mission endeavors and activities for the spreading of the gospel and the enlarging of Christ’s kingdom.


Music Ministry is a ministry dedicated to providing Christian music during worship services, which edifies believers and honors our God through songs and praise by utilizing voices and instruments.


P.A.T.H. (People Available to Help) – a ministry group created to strengthen any persons who are challenged in any manner with the experience of chemical abuse.


Scholarship Ministry – a ministry group which seeks to encourage continuing education beyond the high school level by granting a church scholarship to qualified members.


S.A.L.T. (Single Adults Learning Together) – a ministry which seeks to support, educate and involve single Christians in the total life of the church.


S. T. A. G. E. D. -a ministry organized to seek, encourage, support, and involve Christian persons to share their gifts of writing, speaking, acting, and the like in the local body and beyond for the glory of God.


Temple Wellness Ministry – a ministry created with the goal to raise and arouse Christians to improved stewardship of the body for healthy living through education, training, proper diet and exercise activities.


Transportation Ministry – a ministry created to provide regular transportation assistance to members and visitors for Sunday worship services.


Women’s Ministry – a ministry created to focus upon encouraging all Christian women to spiritual growth and service to God and to each other.


Worship Nursery – a ministry seeking to provide assistance to young parents, by providing care for their infant children while they attend worship services.


Youth & Young Adult Ministry – a ministry of the church created to focus upon the children, youth, and young people of the church, seeking to win them to Christ for salvation, and then encouraging them by providing teaching and training events and programs for spiritual development.

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