Historical Highlights and Milestones

116 Years


  • 1899    Main East Austin Baptist Church begun in home of Sister Carrie Walton at Chicon and Manor Road. Five families met regularly in the home of Sister Walton and Brother and Sister Denmon. Later, property purchased at Poquito and 22nd St. and a church edifice was erected. Reverend Gilbert Fuller served as Main East Austin’s first pastor.
  • 1927  Reverend H. W. Randle served as pastor.
  • 1929  Pastors who served, Reverend J. H. McClain, Reverend S. L. Evans, Reverend J. H. Scott, and Reverend T. E. Marshall.
  • 1948   Former member Reverend L. V. Ates called to serve as pastor.
  • 1957    The 22nd church building was torn down, while the church held serves at Ulit Avenue Baptist Church.
  • 1958   New church building was erected with entrance made to face 22nd St. rather than Poquito.
  • 1959  Name of church changed to Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church.
  • 1964  Reverend F. C. Ransom called to serve as pastor. During his tenure the church was remodeled, and the Fellowship Hall was added to building on north end. A note burning ceremony was conducted during Reverend Ransom’s tenure as pastor.
  • 1980  Reverend Earl Harris was called to serve as pastor.
  • 1986   Reverend A. W. Anthony Mays was called to serve as pastor. Mount Sinai purchased a four bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage home at 5112 Wayborne Hill to serve as residence of the pastor and family.
  • 1989    Mount Sinai purchased a church property for $150,000 at 1801 East 38 ½ St. and relocated to this address in April of that year. This property was remodeled with the addition of a fellowship hall, and new church offices. A full-time Church Secretary; Sister Versiree Duke was added to the church staff. It was during this period that a part-time Assistant to the Pastor was added to the staff. The first was Minister Everett Freeman.
  • 1992    Mount Sinai began a second morning worship service at 7:45 a. m.
  • 1993    Mount Sinai celebrated the retirement of the debt for the purchased property.
  • 1994    Mount Sinai purchased the church property belonging to the Windsor Park Baptist Church at 5900 Cameron Road. The purchase price was over 1.1 million dollars. The first worship service was conducted in this property on November 6, 1994. Two additional properties were purchased during this period; the UCC church building of 5800 Cameron Road, and the Chester Kielman property on Reinli St. These total purchases gave Mount Sinai frontage on three major streets (Cameron Road, Clayton, and Reinli).
  • 1995    The Mount Sinai Christian Academy began operations providing early childhood education and Christian training.
  • 1999    Mount Sinai celebrated the liquidation of the entire indebtedness for the properties, and its centennial year with a mortgage burning ceremony and worship service, where the President of the National Baptist Convention of America. Dr. E. Edward Jones was the guest evangelist.
  • 1997    Mount Sinai added Minister Emanuel Limuel, Jr. as the first full-time Assistant to the Pastor position.
  • 1999    Mount Sinai added Minister Ralph McCormick as its first full-time Youth Pastor.
  • 2000    The Mount Sinai School of Music was opened under the inspiration of Minister of Music Chester D. T. Baldwin.
  • 2002 & 2005    Members of Mount Sinai and the church choir traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, and Houston, Texas, respectively, where Pastor Mays preached to the Parent body of the Annual Convention of the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc., International. The Convention of 2005 was cut short with the approach of Hurricane “Arlene.”
  • 2003    In October, Mount Sinai acquired the property at 8500 Cameron Road (19.85 acres, 92,000 sq. ft. of existing building) for $2.8 million, for future ministry campus relocation.
  • 2007    Inaugural Kidz 4 Christ summer camp ministry led by Youth Minister DeChard Freeman.
  • 2008    Ministers Ray Hicks and Matthew Mays were appointed as Assistant to the Pastor and Second Assistant to the Pastor.
  • 2009    Minister Garry Roberts Jr. was appointed as Youth Pastor.
  • 2010    Minister Matthew Mays was appointed as Assistant to the Pastor.
  • 2013    May 19th – Mount Sinai had its first live CD/DVD recording “Deric Lewis & The Church Choir” and the project was released on October 13th.
  • 2014    July – Deric Lewis & The Church Choir release their new single, “I Believe” with EPM Music Group.













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